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Account Suspension

Account Suspension

About 2 weeks ago, I received an email stating that my Spotify account got suspended. 


Here is the message I got in the email (see attached as well): 

"It has come to Spotify's attention that your account has engaged in unauthorized use in violation of the Terms. Spotify has therefore suspended your access to the Service and initiated a thorough review of the unauthorized activities."
At first I had no idea why my account would be suspended, but after much panic and thinking, I remembered that I used to create podcasts to upload mp3 music so that I could add them to my Spotify playlists. I think that this is what they were referring to. This was maybe about a year or 2 ago so I'm not 100% sure if this is the exact reason why my account got suspended. 
I contacted Spotify customer support via the bot 6 times. All 6 conversations were frustrating as they would not, or rather could not answer my questions. Misleading information was also given about receiving an email in the next 24 hours for an update (I never got one). The 4th-6th conversation I had was raised to an escalations team staff where they told me they could not answer my questions. 
I'm desperate for help as I have had that accout for years and I treasure it deeply. I won't ever put up those podcasts again. I really just need my account back. 









Infringement notice [ ref__00DD0pxIW._5007T4bybX_ref ] - - Gmail - Google Chrome 6_5_2022 12_16_31 am.png
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This is happening to me too, I had Premium Student and had Spotify for 5 years. I don't understand why they can't reopen the account.

Did they contact you back? 

No ๐Ÿ˜• I've contacted customer support at least 10x at this point and they weren't helpful, plus I've emailed **bleep** multiple times and responded to the original infringement notice w/ no response

Ahhhh so no one else to contact? I'm so desperate for my account back

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