Account Taken Over By Someone Else

Account Taken Over By Someone Else




So. Interesting thing happened. About a fortnight before Spotify started complaining about my login details. I thought it was strange at first, but since the FB login worked just fine, I thought little of it.


Today I got the message "update your country", as I have recently moved. Anyway, I login, via FB, and lord and behold.

Some mexican guys email and birthdate have replaced my details.

Now I can't figure out how this is even possible. The account had been tied to my personal email. Even have some spotify premium receits in there. How in earth can someone just change the details without me getting any notification of it what at all?

Also. Having sent a ticket about it to Spotify, of course they will send the reply TO THE MEXICAN EMAIL ADDRESS.


So. Any ideas how to rectify this or how to get a hold of someone at spotify.

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Hey Quid0,


I will get this sorted for you now.



I have sent a reply to case 3226626 (to your FB email address).  Could you please reply back via that thread?

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