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Account Trouble and Making a List of Music

Account Trouble and Making a List of Music



All I want to do is to make a list of my music.

To copy the name of tracks to a Word document or something, so all the songs I have are listed out.


But I can't sign into my account on a laptop because I am under a family plan that has the country set as USA, but I am currently in Spain.


Please HELP!!

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Hey @h0we228, thanks for writing!


For listing out the songs, we'd recommend to do it manually. However, remember you can filter the songs on the app following these steps:


Moreover, it might be possible that you have two different accounts, so we'd recommend checking this info. Also, could you let us know if this happens on another devices? In the meantime, we recommend you log out/back in.


Let us know how it goes 🙂 

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