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Account and faceboook

Account and faceboook

My previous Spotify account was created with a Facebook account. Since I cannot disconnect my account from the Facebook account, how can I get all of my songs, playlists, etc onto a new account? Thanks!

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On Spotify, you cannot transfer music from one account to another. However, I have many suggestions that can maybe fix your problem.

On the new account, I would create a new playlist consisting of the songs you listened to on the old account. Or you could make a playlist with those specific songs on your old account and share it to your new account.

However, I found out that when you share your old playlists to your new account, you cannot edit it. 

A solution would be to click the button that says "..." and then click the option that says "Make Collaborative". This allows friends to be able to change and edit this playlist. **Make sure you friend your old account because it only allows friends to edit the playlist.**

Let me know how it goes!

Hey @olivia6261.


Please check out this FAQ guide on how to use Spotify without Facebook--it includes steps on transferring music. Thanks!


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