Account being constantly compromised


Account being constantly compromised

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I've changed my password twice now in the past 3 weeks, logged out every instance of my spotify, changed my e-mail and Facebook passwords and yet SOMEHOW someone is getting onto my account (or Spotify's database is **bleep**ed) and deleting my playlists, adding their own, deleting my music, and adding their own. I don't know how they are doing this, considering I have changed my passwords multiple times. The only thing I can think of is that the database is **bleep**ed.


That said, is there a way to recover my songs? I managed to recover my playlists, but not my saved songs. They have deleted ALL of my saved songs and replaced them with their own. 


I am getting extremely angry with how this seems to keep happening, despite my passwords being extremely solid and not easy to brute force. This is the second time this has happened and I am about to cancel my subscription to Spotify. 

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Re: Account being constantly compromised

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Hey @savviethepirate


The best course of action when something like that happens is to create a new account with a different email address from the one you're using (Tip: don't use the one you use for Facebook). That will give you a different Spotify username.


Once you have this new account, fill out the contact form, and someone from Spotify will be happy to help you migrate your Premium privileges, library, playlists, friends, etc. to this new account. They can also revert back your account to a previous state where you should have you library as it should be.


Connected devices stay with the old account, so you'll have a fresh start without them.
Hope it helps. 🙂
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