Account being constantly hijacked by Jacob's IPhone (?)

Account being constantly hijacked by Jacob's IPhone (?)

Lately I've been discovering albums showing up in my recently played thta I have no recollection of playing. See images 1 and 2.


This has been going on for a while now, but it was so infrequent, I brushed it off as some Chinese or Russian bot that got lucky at guessing my password, so I didn't think much of it and changed my password every time I saw these suspicious albums.


This morning when I opened Spotify to start my usual commute, it prompted me if I wanted to listen on Jacob's IPhone. Someone else is on my account somehow, so I immediately signed into my account sitting there in my car, changed the password, and signed out everywhere.


While driving, my music stream was interrupted twice with the hiphop music you see in my recently played in Image 3. So, I did the changed the password again, and signed out everywhere again, once I arrived at my destination. 


I don't know what's going on here. I'm pretty sure my account isn't constantly being compromised after changing my email and password. Is my account somehow mistakenly linked with another one that is Jacob's IPhone? I wouldn't be suprised if something liek that were the case. As a logn term subscriber with no subscription lasp, I've seen my fair share of account weirdness on Spotify's side. 


Another trend I noticed is the album artist for these suspicious albums. "snooze b" is a reoccuring name that pops up whenever these albums are in my recently played.


Image 1:


Image 2:


















Image 3:


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Hello there, my friend!

Thank you for raising your concern out here in the Community!



In regards to your issue, aside from changing your password and signing out everywhere, there are three things you've missed to do. Go ahead and login to your account and do these 3 more things...


1. Removing unknown offline devices. (Offline Devices tab)

2. Removing all apps that's granted an access. (Apps tab)

3. Unsubscribe to unknow subscription (Services tab)


In case you still experience the issue even after doing these things, it's best to reach out directly to Spotify Support. They can be reached through their Twitter @SpotifyCares ( ) or through the online SpotifySupport ( ).




* Note that if you are going submit a contact form (instead of sending a DM on Twitter), make sure to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from Spotify.

Hi @GhostRavenstorm ,


This seems highly unusual. Being a Spotify subscriber for about five years now, I haven't heard of anything like this. Now this is a link to a support page which explains what to try out in the event of having someone taking over your account. You probably have looked at it already. You could try flagging this up with Spotify tech support, I'm sure they could help you figure out what is going on and get it solved once and for all. You can reach them here.


Hope this helps,


Best wishes!




Woops, overlooked that @JBayudz already answered this. I'd follow up with what @JBayudz has suggested.

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