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Account compromised - anyone else affected? Can't change my e-mail

Account compromised - anyone else affected? Can't change my e-mail






Was listening to Spotify on my laptop when it suddenly said it was playing on a Galaxy S7 Edge.  I don't own that device, so I immediately became suspicious.  Started the whole password reset process and I noticed that the phone number associated with my account had been changed to an international number (forgot to take a screenshot of it!).  Around that time, some weird foreign music started playing.  Finally changed my password and signed out of all devices


So now I found another problem.  I sign in to Spotify via Facebook and I cannot change the e-mail address associated with my account!  The option simply is not there.  This sucks because the e-mail address that Spotify saved is no longer my primary and I'd like to change it.  Heck, I even removed it from my Facebook account.


So two issues I guess:

  • Anyone else had their account compromised in recent days?
  • Why can't I change my e-mail address?





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Found my credentials in a leaked pastebin.  Sent a DM to SpotifyCares with all the info and kept getting stupid automated responses with links to help articles.  Any way to report this to an actual human so that all affected users could be notified?  That or, you know, someone could perhaps look into the breech and fix the issue?

Reached out to support and they updated the e-mail address associated with my account.  Also passed along a link to the site which contains THOUSANDS of recently compromised accounts.  Hopefully they'll pass it along to the security department because it seems like you guys have suffered a pretty big breach.  Noticed that quite a few people have recently complained about their accounts being hacked.


Curious as to why I haven't received a response from the support staff here...  You know, an announcement of some sort would be fantastic.

Yes, after 12 years of being sub'd to Spotify (heavy user of it...) I had the same. Account compromised.


Noticed this thread after creating my own, link below...

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