Account disabled or hijacked?

Account disabled or hijacked?

I have had an premium Spotify account for years. Same username, same email, same password. But recently it stopped working. Could not log in. Not with username or email.

What can I do? I can't reset password, because it does not accept my username or email. I can't change my email either.

The email I am using with Spotify is very old and actually the email provider shut the whole email recently. I dindn't remember to chanbe my email to Spotify, when that happened. Could that be why my Spotfiy account does not work anymore?

Of course I could open new account, but there was lot of playlists in my old account and I would like to have them back.

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Hi there, @user-removed! Help's arrived!


Would you be able to share the error message that you're getting? Any screenshots of this would help even more! 



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