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Account disabled?

Account disabled?

My Question or Issue

My Spotify app signed itself out and I cant remember the password since setting up years ago. 

When resetting password, it won't find the account that my email or account name is attached too. 

I found this email that says the following: 

Your payment provider recently recalled an unauthorised payment for Spotify Premium.
We’ve now returned the funds, and disabled your Spotify account.
If you have any questions about this, please contact your payment provider directly.

Taking a guess I'd say I missed a payment and they have deleted my account for it? 

Is my account fully gone or is there a way to get it back? 

I live in a different country to the one my bank account is in so sorting it out is a little bit harder at the moment. 

What is my problem and how do I fix it? 

Save my music collection!! 





3 Replies

Hi there @pinkse123,

thanks for posting !


For a Premium Spotify account of any sort to work properly, a user must provide a valid payment method and that same method needs to fit the country of which the account was initialy created.


From what i read between your lines, your account may got reveted to Free instead of Premium due to unvalid payment process and now because you stay in a different country you'll have to provide a matching payment method from the country you're at.


Please visit your account overview at and let me know if you're able to log in using the same credentials you always did.

If not, please use this help page to locate all account listed with your details.


Waiting on your update

Yes I understand what you mean and I guess it has gone back to free. I found my profile and playlists via a search on a friend's Spotify. 

The main problem is not knowing the password and being unable to send a password reset link. The message that comes up says no active profile? 

Hi @pinkse123,

thanks for the update !


If you had found your account on Spotify and have lost access to it, the correct way to try a gain access again is to reach out to support using this contact page.


This way, the right team would help confirming you're the owner of the account and help you get you access back.

Note: reply back to any automated mail you receive.


Hope this helps

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