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Account from one country, credit card from another

Account from one country, credit card from another

Hi there!

I need help. I would like to subscribe to the Premium account, but my account is from Argentina (I am from Argentina), but my credit cards are from Slovenia (I temporarily live in Slovenia). When I want to subscribe for premium, the error it shows is that the credit card is not from the country I have the account.

The problem is that in Slovenia Spotify is not available yet..

Is there somehow possible for me to pay the premium with the slovenian credit card?

Thank you in advance for the reply and help.

Best regards,


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Hey @TatiJavo, welcome to the community!


Right now, the country on your Spotify account and the payment method used must match to get Premium.


In this case, you'd be able to get Spotify with an Argentinean payment method. Since Spotify isn't available in Slovenia, you won't be able to purchase a subscription with a card from that country.


If you have a family member or friend back in Argentina, they could help you purchase a subscription since we also offer some pre-paid payment methods.


All the best.

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