Account got hack


Account got hack


Hey my friends,


today happened something weird. I have heard music with my mobile phone and suddenly a message has appeared that the User ARTOURPC is using spotify. I could decide if I want listen to music with my phone or if i want to change the gadget from phone to PC.


Actually i dont know who is ARTOURPC and I´ve never loged anywhere else except on MY pc and phone. So I assume that somebody has used my account illegaly.  I´ve changed my passwort. Nevertheless could it be that someone has hacked by account? 


I appreciate if someone could help me


Best regards,


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Hey there @seak87, welcome to the community!


It could have been another user using your account, but good thing you changed your password before they changed it! Looks like you already took the necessary steps to get them locked out.


The best thing to do to keep your account protected in the future is to have a strong and unique password for each one of your online accounts and to update them quite frequently. I'd recommend you get a password manager to help keep up with your accounts such as LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password, or even Apple's iCloud Keychain.

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