Account got set back from Family to Free


Account got set back from Family to Free

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Hi all,

I got an Family account like 3 weeks ago. Paid 14.99 and everything went perfect.


Untill 3 days ago i opened Spotify and saw that i have a Free account again.


I contacted Spotify via the question form and got a automated message back that I should look trough the Community. So i did, found nothing and filled in the same form.



Bedankt voor je e-mail. Geen zorgen, we gaan je helpen met je account.

We hebben achter de schermen gekeken op je account met gebruikersnaam: 024mh.

We zien dat je betaling van 14,99 EUR op 14 augustus in behandeling is. Wanneer je een betaling verzendt, plaatst de bank of creditcardmaatschappij een tijdelijke autorisatie op het bedrag. Als de transactie niet wordt voltooid, verloopt de autorisatie en wordt het bedrag weer zichtbaar op je rekening. Hoe lang dit proces duurt, is afhankelijk van je bank/creditcardmaatschappij.

Voor meer informatie raden we je aan om rechtstreeks contact op te nemen met je bank/creditcardmaatschappij.

We hopen dat dit de zaak opheldert. Mocht je nog andere vragen hebben, stel ze dan gerust. We zijn hier om te helpen. 

Vriendelijke groet,


Spotify Customer Support)


The message i got was to contact my bank. The payment was hold back and under authorisation (they said) The mail is above but it's in Dutch. So I contacted my bank and they say everything is fine and its impossible that Spotify did'nt got my payment.


So I filled in the question form.... again...


This time I said i want a solution and not an automated "Hello, maybe these links will help"... no they aren't helping!


And guess what I got?! ......


"Hello, maybe these...." 


Wierd thing is I have my gf in the Family account. She can still use the Premium service. And me holder of the account and money spender. Can't...


I'm clueless what to do now. I can't call Spotify, can't talk to somebody. Everything i try sends me back to " Hello, maybe...."





Please help...



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Hey @user-removed, welcome to the Spotify Community! 


Could you try to check if you're having issues with your payment method using these steps? Also, you might have a second account besides the one you're using right now in which you have a Premium for Family subscription. We recommend you to double check by following this link


Let us know how it goes.