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Account hacked- No longer getting Hulu

Account hacked- No longer getting Hulu

My account was recently hacked and the hacker changed my plan from Spotify Premium to Spotify Family.  No biggie, it was easy enough to change my password and get back the Spotify Premium.  I am annoyed however, because I was told that because my subscription was changed to family, I no longer have the Spotify + Hulu bundle that I originally had with my premium subscription.  Apparently there is no way to get it back since the promo has ended.  I find it ridiculous that there is no work around for this.  There should be a way to restore previous bundles for users that have been hacked.  Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if anyone at Spotify can clarify why it's impossible to simply give me back what I had before being hacked.  

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Hi @briggscm ,


I'm sorry to hear that your account got compromised.


I went ahead and checked with the folks backstage and wish to draw to your attention the following thread: here you will see other users with the same issue, and staff responses to it.


I hope this helps.



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This happened to me too. 


Just curious...was it right before your account was set to be charged? And did you get an email from Spotify saying the email on your account was changed, then your plan was changed to family premium, then your email was changed back to what it was originally?

It was not right before my account was set to be charged, it was actually right after.  But everything else you said is exactly what happened to me!  Got an email from Spotify saying email was changed, then an email saying it was changed to family, then an email saying it was changed back to original email.  

This just happened to me as well.  Account hacked.  My user id was changed and Spotify family added.  Then my user id was changed back to the orginal.  This seems very strange.  How and why is this happening to so many people?   In the process I also lost access to Hulu.  When I signed up there was no advertised end date for the bundled Hulu access, but I am now told that the switch to the family plan ended my Hulu service and I am no longer able to get it back as that "deal" has expired.  I was given credit for the family plan overcharge and offered a free month-but I don't believe that is how this should be resloved.  Either this is intentional or Spotify is too easy to hack and is not  protecting our private information (again, to only change to a different plan?).  I think more answers are needed regarding this ongoing situation.

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