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Account hacked and Hijacked

Account hacked and Hijacked

So some lovely individual has hacked  & hijacked! my account, theyve changed the email address and password so im stuck and cant get them off! Ive sent a couple of forms in to explain the problem as the email is going to go through to the hacker lovely!


But it gets much much worse my super amazing playlist full of an eclectic collection of all sorts of magical musical marvels has been replaced with Selena Gomez and one direction!! 


Is there anything I can do my end to get rid of the little parasite or claim back hours and hours of my music, for some kids awful awful musical choices 😉




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Hey @mermie84,


Best to get in touch with the Support team either through the Contact form or send a DM to @SpotifyCares.


They'll help sort things out and make sure to kick out the intruder.


Hope that helps 🙂

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