Account hacked and email changed


Account hacked and email changed

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I have a premium account under a different username. I got an email this morning stating that the email address has changed. Now I cant sign in to any devices. I have reached out to @spotifycare regarding the issue and they stated that the accounts team would be in contact with me. That was 10 hours ago. My account is not attached to a Facebook account. WHY does Spotify have such horrible account security when there have been KNOWN leaks with usernames/passwords posted all over the internet? WHY would ANY change to the account not send along a link that states "I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS CHANGE"? WHY is it taking 10+ hours for this to get resolved? WHY does Spotify not offer two step authentication with a cellphone like every other major service? I pay $120.00 a year for this service and it is absolutely rediculous this has not been resolved at this point. 

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Re: Account hacked and email changed


Hey there!

This is something for our Accounts team. Get in touch via email at

Let us know how it goes.