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Account hacked and email unavailable

Account hacked and email unavailable


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(iPhone 7)


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I had been logged out from my phone and noticed the last played song was something I had never played or seen before. I am now unable to login on any other devices as my password was also changed, so I assumed someone had taken over my account and I changed the password. The email I used for my account has been disabled for some reason though, it's an old email, maybe because I was inactive or something. So I am unable to reset my password and I am going to be charged £9.99 a month (which is wrong anyway because I should have the student price).

Is there a way for me to cancel my account and cancel my subscription without having any of my login details? I have the visa and bank details registered to the account.


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Hi there @milesjezuita,

thanks for reaching out about this !


Sorry to hear that you're having an issue with your account but i'm sure that if you have lost access to your account, Spotify's support team would be able to help out.


In order for them to take a closer look at your account, please make sure to reach out to them through this "About Us" page.


Bear in mind that in these current days and situation the process might be a bit longer and your patience and understanding are needed.


I'm sure they'll help out sorting this issue.

Let me know if there's anything else i can help with 🙂

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