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Account hacked and money stolen from my credit card!!

Account hacked and money stolen from my credit card!!

One week ago my account was hacked and since then I'm not able to login to my account neither with my emails or my facebook.


I sent my first message to the spanish customer care on 4th of March (#00563800) telling them to do something and that I was worried to be illegaly charged as my credit card was linked to my spotify account. NO RESPONSE.


Two days later I checked my bank account and I found an amazing surprise! 119 euros were charged on my credit card.
I sent another message to the customer care (this time the international one) 
# 00568548. NO RESPONSE


I tried again with the spanish one 2 days ago (# 00570561)NO RESPONSE


Today I decided to create another account (i needed to use a proxy as I'm a photojournalist and in this moment I'm working in Cambodia and your amazing system didn't allow me to create a new account otherwise!!) just to write here in this forum with the hope to be helped somehow.


My previous account was jeriko1kenobi .


It's sad to say, but Spotify's customer care is a really shame! I've been a premium subscriptor for almost 2 years but I don't really know if I will continue in a future after this experience.


PLEASE, I really need to fix this thing asap! 


Thomas Cristofoletti. 

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OH NO! That's terrible! I'll make sure a mod gets back to you right away! I'm a SuperUser I'll escalate this topic for you

Thank you Michael.. 


but still NO RESPONSE!!



What I have to do???

tcristofoletti - One of our Spanish speakers will get back to you shortly. I apologise for the delay so far. They're all lovely, they'll get it sorted for you.

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