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Account hacked

Account hacked

I got hacked and I think I got rid of the hacker but now I have all these suggestions for hardcore gangster rap that I don’t want in my Spotify. How do I get rid of these suggested artists and playlists? 


3 Replies

Keep listening the music you like. In some time your recommendations should change.


Also unfollow all the artist you don't like and eliminate unwanted songs/albums from your library if there are some of the unwanted music.

If you're seeing artists or songs that are not to your liking within the Spotify generated playlists (Discover Weekly, Release Radar, etc.) thumbs down the songs/artists you don't wish to hear anymore. And thumbs up the artists you like. This will help the Spotify recomendation engine better fit your listening habits vs. the hackers. 


If you have playlists that the hacker created, delete them.


Also as said earlier. Just keep listening to music you like. This helps the algorithms fit your musical tastes.


Note: If you haven't already, change your password.




Sorry for the delay!

We're sorry to hear that you think someone else has gained access to your Spotify account. Please check out the FAQ page here, for the next steps we'd recommend taking.

The right team will reunite you with your music shortly!


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