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Account hacked


Account hacked

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Ok, so i was just about to log in and it said password was wrong. So i tried to reset but then someone had changed the mail on my account... Im kinda panicking now because my mother have the family account and shes freaking out about this...

I have all the info needed to verify that im the owner of the account. Please help.

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Re: Account hacked

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Hi @willixmax,


You may have already looked at this but here's a link that has some basic tips on what to do in the event of account hacking:

If you feel that the link is not enough to help solve the problem, let us know and we could refer you to direct help from Spotify tech support.






Re: Account hacked

Casual Listener

So now i have my account back but is there anyway to restore all my playlists? Everything is gone from it...

Re: Account hacked

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Here's a link you can look at to try an recover your playlists: