Account hacked

Account hacked

So my account has been hacked someone was listening to music because it was kicking me off. Then I tried to log out of all devices and change my password well I guess they beat me to it. I'm angry because it was so easy to hack and my card information is all on there so I need some help. You think Spotify would have customer service with a phone number..
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Hello @Kylemcc96. Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!

This isn't good at all! It sounds like you've tried to get back into your account to save it, which is definitely the right first step to take.


If you believe they've locked you out of your account, I would recommend contacting Spotify Support immediately with as much account information as you can provide. They will be able to assist you the best in this situation.


You can contact support via any method below:

If you receive an automated email, simply reply and an agent will get back to you as soon as possible.


Let me know if you need any additional help, and keep on rockin'!

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