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Account hijacked by

Account hijacked by

At 12:23 PM today, someone using the email was able to hijack my paid premium account without any kind of prompt or verification from me via phone or email. I replied to, but it has been over five hours since I contacted them, and i'm still waiting on a response.


I just submitted a help ticket through the website as well


Spotify Case # 04550461


I'm seeing so many people with the same issue waiting weeks to get responses to their hacked account issues, I figured I'd also leave a message here to hopefully get it taken care of asap.





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Hello @joesnewaccount, I'm sorry to here about your account being hi-jacked.  I have escalated this with the Spotify staff and hopefully somoene will get in touch with you soon to resolve this issue.



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I am sorry to hear that @joesnewaccount. Yes unfortunately there have been a lot of people not getting responses. I hope yours gets through.


Best of luck,



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