Account issue

Account issue


So I opened my Spotify App on my Android phone and it has the Spotify Header but the page is blank and the menu is blank.  i opened the app on my desktop and it crashed a few times and then wanted to run me through the tutorial.  I lost all my playlists and it states I have a free account.  When I look at subscription history it says currently unavailable.  I use the Facebook login.  Anyone seen this before?


Update: Rebooted phone and the App came up stating I have a 48 hour trial period and still no Playlists, it is as if my account reset.

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Flixtr - Looks like you have 2 accounts here. If you log in with the username 'flixtr' and your Spotify password, you should see all your playlists and subscription. You'll be able to relink back to Facebook once you're in.


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