Account locked


Account locked

I have two accounts, one old free one and one that I use often and pay for. This morning I started a help chat because I kept getting the message that my account was being used somewhere else. I had to leave the chat because work got busy. Since then I have not been able to get into my premium account, it says the user name provided is not associated with an active account. I never deactivated it, I used it this morning.
I have tweeted and dm'd spotifycares MULTIPLE times and was told that someone would email me shortly and it's been three hours. That's not shortly. And they are now ignoring me altogether.
I want my account back, that I paid for! I have never had such an awful experience with any company when I needed support.
(This has been posted with my free account because I obviously can't use my premium account.)
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Hey @juliac1! Thanks for writing.


We're sorry you feel this way. Since you mention that you've already gotten in touch with our customer support team, our best suggestion would be to give them some time to reply to your message. It's not ideal, but it's likely that they're handling an increased amount of contacts. However, we're absolutely sure that they are going to give you a hand with this one as soon as possible.


Hope this helps. Have an amazing day 🙂