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Account may or may not have been hacked

Account may or may not have been hacked






 Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, Notebook

Operating System

 Android Oreo, Windows 10


My Question or Issue


Around 1 month ago, some random music started appearing in the "recently played" in my spotify account. I thought I had been hacked so I changed passwords, logged out from all devices and checked my devices for viruses. This kept happening every week and I kept changing passwords.

Today, while I was browsing the internet with my spotify app open in the background, the app started playing random music that I've never listened before. I paused it and a few minutes later, it started playing again.

Now here comes the catch: all this time, the spotify connect never showed any new connected devices and my account settings never showed any new offline devices either. I login through facebook, and facebook didn't show any new logins either.


More info: I live in a place where we use shared wifi and I use mostly the windows app.

Thanks in advance!

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Check your queue and note that if you play a playlist it will continue playing random songs once you reach the bottom. 


But since you said it started playing out of nowhere it is either a technical issue with your phone/app or that someone else has acess to it. Try to also change your email password to make sure that no one has acess to it and go to your spotify account from there. 


But most likelely I would believe that it is a technical issue. I had a problem with my phone before where it started and paused songs at random times.


Hope something of this helps!



Hey, thanks for the advice!

I don't think that reaching the bottom of the queue is the issue, because I listen mostly to albums on repeat. Also, the songs that appeared are WAY different from what I listen usually.

Even more info:
-I forgot to say that the first time it happened, some songs were added to a new playlist, named "<3".
-The "random songs" are always the top hits from my country.
-There were times that they appeared in my recently played while I was listening to other stuff, but they weren't played at all.

Try with a clean reinstall aswell.


Do you know if when you've signed up somewhere with your spotify acount if you gave the website approval to acess your spotify account, but since you removed acess from all devices this is probably unlikely so I would try with a clean restart!


Hey @user-removed.

How's it going? Have you managed to resolve this issue?


As @kaive mentioned, this could either be a technical issue, in which case you should perform a clean reinstall following these steps, or it could be the case that someone has gained access to your account, in which case you should get in touch with our Customer Support team here, who will help secure your account for you.

Hope that helps!

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