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Account not found and all playlista have gone on ONE device


Account not found and all playlista have gone on ONE device






 United Kingdom


GooglePixel 2 XL 

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Android Oreo


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My partner has recently changed from iPhone to android and has lost all of her playlists. The username has turned into numbers. We've  checked her login details on the iPhone and used those numbers to log in on the android and it says the password is incorrect. She's sent a password reset but haven't received it(she only has two email addresses) and she's checked all folders. The playstation she's logged into still has all the playlists that it should though. It's also saying she hasn't got premium when the money was taken out of the account yesterday. 

Really can't work out what's happening here

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Re: Account not found and all playlista have gone on ONE device

Rock Star 12
Rock Star 12

Hi @FinChap!

Not to worry, your Spotify playlists haven’t disappeared - it sounds like you might’ve accidentally created a second account and signed into that one instead. I'd recommend checking out the FAQ page "Can I create multiple accounts?" here for more info.

If you’re definitely logged into the right account, but you’re still not seeing some playlists, I’d suggest reading this Spotify Answer for the correct steps.

Hope this helps!

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