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Account not logging in app but works on website

Account not logging in app but works on website



I was having problems with Spotify's ads freezing and having to close and restart, so I just reinstalled. I did a password reset because the new software was not accepting my username and password. I am able to login to the website online with the new account password, but still not in the app. I'm 100% sure I'm using the same username and password combination. I reinstalled again, and it is still saying my "username and password is not correct (Error code 3)." Has anyone else had these problems? Any suggestions would be very appreciated.


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Does spotify even care cause they don't seem to be answering the people with this problem.

Hey there @gduv1993 and welcome to the community!


Have you checked this thread on this  same issue? It offers a solution on it 🙂


Let me know how it worked!




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