Account only shows numbers.

Account only shows numbers.



Im trying to log in to the account which is the owner to this playlist


At the moment im logged in to this account "". And when i subscribe to that playlist it says "Bra by 1121479741". Like those numbers are my account name. So i tried to log out and log in with the username "1121479741" and with my password. But it doesnt work. 


So now im trying to use that "forgot password" option on the website, and when i write in those numbers as username this comes up.



Using Facebook?

It looks like you are using your Facebook credentials to log in to Spotify. To change your Facebook password go to your settings page at



I've tried to change my password on my facebook ( but it still doesnt work. 


BTW, when i subscribe to the "Bra by 1121479741" playlist, i get a email that says that i have started subscribing to my own playlist. 


So it seems like i have multiple accounts connected to my email adress.



Mods, help please. Can you give me the correct username for that account??

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That bunch of numbers is indeed your username. It's a placeholder name given to dummy accounts created through Facebook. You can't log into that account without using Facebook - type your Facebook login details into Spotify to log in.



It seems that your account got disconnected from Facebook somehow. That means you'll have to say goodbye to that account. To copy the playlist on your account, do the following:


- Subscribe to your playlist.

- Click and drag the playlist on to the "New Playlist" button to copy the playlist on your new account.

Yeah, i've tried log in with my facebook details, but it just get me to a account without any playlists at all. So as i said, somehow, my facebook account must have two spotifyaccounts attached.

But how can the playlist still be shown at the playlist tab? Im sure some mod can fix this....


I had the same thing happen to me, only I caught it before either account became a "dummy account" and emailed the Spotify "Support" Team.
All they did was turn the account I requested to keep (the one with all my of playlists, starred items, etc) into a dummy account. Wonderful.

So if anyone knows how to get this fixed so I can have my original account back, that would be tops.

Hi. Just write back to them and explain exactly what you would like them to do. They'll be delighted to fix things for you.

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