[Account] random numbers username since a month :(


[Account] random numbers username since a month :(

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Hey Spotify community!

maybe you can help me with this, that I see is a common issue but not worked out yet.

I am a premium user since ages. I registered back then as peyote_giuli.  A month ago a friend of mine wanted to listen to my music and couldn't fine me anymore cause.. apparently I became: spotify:user:1189384694.

my playlists are there and the app works on my devices, that are in sync so.. no big drama but I'd like to go back being peyote_giuli 🙂


I tried everything I found online. 

in case it helps: if I connect through facebook then it shows my FB name and surname. If I go to "change username", and I type in peyote_giuli, it says I can't sign with my current username (ahaaaah so you know I am not a sequence of numbers!!!)- And if I change username, still it shows.. the same numbers!!!


Any idea?

I know it's not a big drama as the app works but I would like to be peyote_giuli again, and my friends to listen to my stuff if they want to.






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Re: [Account] random numbers username since a month :(

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Hey @user-removed.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Could you login on the website and go to Privacy Settings? Check if you have opted out of Spotify processing your Facebook data. When you opt out there, it keeps your account usable but it will stop using a lot of data, for example your name. You can read here what information exactly.


Log in on your Facebook profile as well and make sure that you have granted Spotify access to your personal information, for example your friends list.


Give it 48 hours and your information should be displayed again. Hope it works!


Have a nice day.