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Account switched from Student to Family without me changing it.

Account switched from Student to Family without me changing it.

My account today changed from my student plan, which it says I still am enrolled in until August 2020, to a family plan which I did not do. I have no reason to pay $15 a month for this service and I wanted to contact someone about getting a refund and my account switched back? I live in the US and I have no reason why this should ever happen, it is unacceptable and I demand an answer. 


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Your account may have been hacked.


Once the hacker gains access to your account, they switch it to a family plan, and start signing other people up to use the service at your expense.


Follow the steps on this page:

is there any way to get that $15 back and/or a way for me to change my account type back? When I go to apply for "student" again it says I'm enrolled but I don't want to stay on the family plan since my account WAS hacked, there were certain playlists that I was following that I hadn't before.

To get a refund, you can contact Spotify support, and explain that you believe your account was hacked.

It is possible to switch back to the regular student plan. There are options in the account menu to change the plan. You need to first check to see if other people have been added to your family plan. You probably have to remove them before you can change the plan back to an individual plan.

On the page that I referenced earlier, there is a link for Spotify support.

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