Account was hacked - used to stream one song.


Account was hacked - used to stream one song.


Hi all, 


My spotify account was recently hacked, and the hacker used my account to follow an artist and play one of their songs on repeat (I knew this as it was still connected to my discord and displaying what was playing.)


I now have access to my account (thank you Spotify Team!)
But I am concerned about this, as when I looked up the song on youtube, there was another recent comment of someone who's account was also hacked to stream the same song. This is a small artist, so it's super suspicious, like this is being done to earn them either a boost in the algorithm or money.

Is there any way I can report this? I'm wary of putting the song/artist on blast in case I'm not right or they have nothing to do with this, but if anything, I don't want my hacked streams to support them on the chance they are behind the hacking.


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Re: Account was hacked - used to stream one song.

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Hey @runeys, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


I’ll report this to the right teams. 

To prevent this from happening in the future, there are many measures you can take to protect your account, such as resetting your password every few months, and not using passwords you have used on other sites. There is also a great guide here for some more measures on protecting your account.

If you see an email from Spotify, and can’t tell if it’s legit, use this checklist. Of course, Spotify makes sure that all user records and platforms are completely secure around the clock.

I hope this helps.

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