Acoount deleted?


Acoount deleted?

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Today I got on my app and it was on the login page and when I tried to log in it said the account doesn't exist so I though maybe i typed the password in wrong when i created the account, therefore I sent a reset password email but I got a message saying the same thing my account doesn't exist, I dont have any other email and I dont know what to do I would just make a new account however I have had this account for 2 years and have a bunch of playlist on it. I know the email is correct because when I was paying for spotify  I was getting notifications to my email.

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Re: Acoount deleted?


Hey @user-removed, welcome to the Community!


That sounds strange. We suggest you reach out to our team via Twitter or Facebook about this issue. They'll be able to take a look at your account to see what's going on.


We hope that helps.