Add a user for a kid (Premium for family)

Add a user for a kid (Premium for family)

I have upgraded to the new family plan, I like the idea because my suggestions and playlists were all filled with kids songs.

Now I have sent the link you have in the premium for family dashboard to my oldest daughter (11). We wanted to create a user (that is required I guess), but after entering her birthday we cannot continue.

Do you want us to fill in a wrong date? I guessed the idea of Family (that is in the name) is that you have a seperate account for your kids. I do not really understand the big plan here.

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same issue here! I even created an email-address for my son (which I keep hidden from him as long as possible) but now I still cannot continue as the process says "too young".


hey, it's called FAMILY account. Kids are family even BEFORE they turn 14 and surely they want to listen to music etc before...


Please help!

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