Add the ability to change display name

Add the ability to change display name








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Add the ability to change username without recreating account. I should not have to wait for my premium subscription to expire and recreate my account/playlists to change my name for privacy. I made my account with facebook and would like to detach for privacy reasons when sharing playlists with friends in Discord chat.


Also, your forum is really bad. When I have an error with the post and it will not let me post, it erases my entire post body and I have to retype my post every time. This is my third attempt. No wonder no issues get fixed here, no one has the patience to deal with this mess.

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Good plan, this should really go in the 'ideas' section, I think there is a similar idea there already.

To get round your rewriting problem, I simply copy the message and paste it back in when necessary, saves time 🙂

Have a nice day!

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