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Adding Family Subscriptions to Student Discounted Plan

Adding Family Subscriptions to Student Discounted Plan

I am interested in doing the family plan but I was told everyone has to reside in the same house to be eligible under the $14.99 monthly fee.  I live in LA but my daughter lives in Santa Barabar, does that mean I can't add her to the family plan? 

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Hey there! You can try to add her to your plan. I don't know why, but it's possible to do it even if you guys don't reside at the same address. I'm on a Premium for Family plan and i don't live with any of the other members of the plan. You don't lose anything by trying! If it's not possible, then just request a refund within 14 days after you make the payment (although I'm pretty sure you'll be able to do it). Cheers!

so it worked for you, I guess, I'll give it a go.  Both of my kids are on the student plan, is it easy to move them to the family plan.


Another question, when I set up the family plan, do I then delete the subscription on their student accounts?


As it's not possible to have two promotions at the same time, your kids need to cancel their student discount here: and wait until their accounts are on the Free service. When they're on Free, they can join your Premium for Family plan 🙂

If we do that, they will lose their pre-existing playlists, right?

Sorry for the delay! No, they won't lose their playlists as they'll keep using their own accounts to log in after joining your Premium for Family plan.

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