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Adding/changing account info from facebook to email

Adding/changing account info from facebook to email

My wife has a Premium account but signed up with Facebook. 

We have a TV and reciever that has Spotify built in.


They need you to log in with an email and password. Facebook is not an option.

The email that is connected to her FB account is dead now.


Can someone please share the steps invovled to change your account from Facebook to email? The help guild on this site is wasn't very helpful. 


thanks in advance.

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Hi there! Unfortunately if you previously linked a Spotify acount to Facebook you can't change the email associated with the account. This link might help:


The worst case scenario would be to cancel the Premium feature of old account and make a new one under a new email address. You can then follow the old account that is still active (but is no longer under premium) and add all of your favorite playlists!! That seems a little excessive, but its the only solution I have, I hope it helps!



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