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Adding unwanted suggestions to “now playing“

Adding unwanted suggestions to “now playing“

Spotify Keeps adding suggested tracks to my “now playing” playlists, songs from my own compiled playlist that is. A moderator says this is a feature of the free version. However I have a premium account and this still takes place. So if you can help, how do premium account holders Stop this happening. Like many others I do not like Spotify annoying me by adding tracks that I do not ask for, and then keep adding them even though I deleted spotify suggestions. I want to listen to tracks I CHOOSE, not what Spotify chooses for me. 


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Hi there @John3832,

thanks for reaching out !


Could you please send any screenshots describing what you see and mean on your end ?


Kindly also mention the device/s in use for further check up.


Thanks for your cooperation:)

As you can see, there is a next from playlist. This is annoying as I would rather manually add these songs rather than them automatically adding themselves.

Can this be stopped so that playlist is the music I Choose, I’m not what Spotify feel I need to listen to next.??B0A2A7E3-0FD3-4F4C-8308-C85198C62AEA.jpeg

Hi there @John3832,

thanks for the screenshots !


It seems like you might have wanted to add a song but added the entire playlist.


Please try and clear you queue completely and then, visit the track you wish to add and swipe on it to the right.


Let me know how it goes 🙂 

I know how to add individual songs, however the moment you play one song from a playlist, Spotify adds the rest, when I don’t want them too.
I know then if you add individual songs, that song then jumps to the top. But I don’t need Spotify to add the rest of the playlist in the first instance.
To get rid of the playlist I then have to clear the playlist song by song. However I do that, Spotify then adds back on, the songs I’ve deleted. Therefore spending all my time trying to get rid of the songs.

Can this be stopped or away of clearing those songs all at the same time?
Is there away of stopping Spotify adding all the playlist to begin with??

Hi @John3832,

thanks for bearing here with me !


If a song from a playlist or album is played all the following songs will be added to the queue.

You can read more about how the play queue works here.


In case you'd like this option to change, i'd recommend you check out the Idea Exchange, to see if someone else has already made a similar suggestion - you can start by viewing this idea.


If you haven't found any suggestion or ideas regarding the same matter, feel free to post yours following the steps provided on this Spotify Answer.


Most important thing to mention here would be that the idea posted and general feedback sent by users are being taken very seriously.

You can read more about how your feedback reaches Spotify factors here.


I'm always around if you have further questions 🙂


Same here! I do have a premium account and when I am playing an opera of 28 songs, still - once the opera is done - Spotify adds unwanted (annoying) tracks that I do NOT like. It would be great if this 'free service' could be deselected.

Hi @2018meilen,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out.


First and foremost, make sure that Autoplay is disabled in the app's settings as it causes the music to continue playing after a playlist or an album is over. You can disable Autoplay by going to Home > Settings> Playback.


Open your Queue afterwards and if you're still seeing unwanted songs in your queue, remove them manually, then open and play the desired album or playlist again from start. Now, when the album / playlist is over, the playback should stop, without playing anything else that you haven't manually added to the queue.


Hope this helps.



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Thanks Yordan - will give it a try and let you know!

Hi - I'm having a similar problem, and the solution explained here isn't working. I've gone into Settings/Playback on my iPhone Spotify app and disabled "Autoplay - On this device". Then, to remove all the podcast episodes that are currently in the "Next from" section of the Queue, I scroll to the bottom of the list and select the bottom-most episode. It starts to play that episode (as expected) but also adds a ton of episodes to the "Next from" section. I repeat. In this case, it does something a bit different. It does not immediately add new episodes. The "Next from" section is empty. I start to feel happy. But when it finishes playing the episode that I just selected, it once again fills "Next from" with the same episodes that it previously filled it with. Now, needless to say, instead of feeling happy, I feel Very Sad. I can repeat this cycle as many times as I want, but the same thing keeps happening ...   This shouldn't be so hard. All I want is to control what I listen to, without "help" from Spotify.

Hey @dmccarroll,

Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

We appreciate the troubleshooting you've done so far. To keep investigating your case, could you check if it happens using a different device? 

Also, include in your next response the make, model and OS version of your device, along with the Spotify version you're currently running. This will give us a better look at your issue.

We'll be waiting for your response.

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