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Ads during podcasts

Ads during podcasts






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Windows 10


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I've been getting ads on the podcasts I listen to in the last week or so. I have premium and didn't have a problem like this before.

The ads are targeted (to my country) and don't have much to do with the podcast itself. Also, they are there even on some old podcast that I have listened to before, without any ads, so they are not part of the podcast and seem to be coming from Spotify.

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Hey @Pes11! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That sounds odd.

Could you check if you're logged in to your actual account? Be sure to use your username instead of your email address in the login process to see if that makes a difference. ^^


Let me know how it goes!


Yeah, everything seems fine and I don't get adds while listening to music. It seems to be happening on all devices as well.

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