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Advertising on Spotify

Advertising on Spotify

I have a premium subscription to Spotify to avoid advertising, however currently everything on Spotify is promoting Drake. Is Spotify no longer doing an ad free service?


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On Mobile it brought a big full screen pop-up blocking the entire screen. That's an advertisement that interrupts my user experience. There is no way around it, so a clear interruption even if the music is still playing in the background.


Not happy with that, what's the point of paying if I get mandatory blocking ads?

Hello, Millea18!


I understand that you are currently using Spotify Premium and still receiving advertisements. To clarify, with Spotify Premium your music will not be interrupted by advertisements, however, unobtrusive advertisements and promotions may still appear.

On the mobile app it is obtrusive, it takes the whole screen and hides the controls. Sure the music isn't stopped, but you are forced to click out of the advertisement in order to access the app. It's difficult to do more obtrusive than that.

I guess that depends on how loose your interpretation of "unobtrusive" is. Do you use an adblock service when browsing webpages? If so, do you recognize the difference between advertising and no advertising?

Thanks for replying @Cyamre!


I understand your frustration, however, that is the way in which Spotify functions. If you would like to submit an idea regarding less obtrusive premium advertisements and promotions, that can be done so here.


Thank you!

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I'll surely do so. The point of paying is to not get the advertisement, so not only we're paying now but we're still getting obtrusive ads.

Hey @Millea18,


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us on the Community.


We’re always trying new and interesting ways to work with our artists, and we really do value your feedback as it helps inform our decisions going forward.


If you have any further comments, feel free to let us know in this thread!

Hello, Spotify pretends that the Ads are included by playlists authors, how come I get unwanted Ads in the playlist that I create? As a premium member I need to know how to get rid of unwanted Ads.

Also, it would be appreciated to be able to get support in own langage.


Hi @iceman4,


Thank you for posting on this thread. 


Let me start by explaining that English is the only language supported in the Community, hope you don't mind us replying this way. 


Now, could you give us more information about the ads you're referring to? If possible, please send us a screenshot or a video recording to take a better look at them. 


Keep us posted. 

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Hi, it was as simple as I wrote, ie Ads as if I was not a registered member. However today it was playing with no Ads. Let us see how it gets. Cheers.

Hi there @iceman4,


Thank you for your reply and confirmation.


If you receive more ads again, can you let us know the following:

  • Country
  • Device the issue occurred on 
  • Operating system
  • Version of the Spotify App
  • Is it a visual or audio ad

  • Which Advert?

  • Rough date you've heard the advert

  • Rough time you've heard the advert

Once we have the information above, we'll be able to forward the information to the right team.


We'll keep an eye our for your reply.


Take care!

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