Aghhh how do you block a follower?!

Aghhh how do you block a follower?!


My ex is still following me and I see his face (and his gf that he cheated on me with, woo!) EVERY time I log in. I'm not following him, I want to never see him, would like to block him from continuing to follow me, and just in general...block...Thanks!

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^^^this is awful and another legit reason for spotify to add a block button already!  some of us want to continue to browse in public mode but want to block certain users for whatever reason.  Some of us are being followed by petty **bleep** private mode users who never put anything out there to share- the whole point of spotify is to be social.  We should be able to control our friends and what they see without going into private mode.  Fix this **bleep** asap or I take my two accounts to soundcloud



I'm also very frustrated with being unable to remove my ex. The break up was bad and we both don't want to see each other but he's still on my list after 4 months. I just checked and felt like I was going to have a breakdown because I am very uncomfortable with him knowing what I'm doing. 

That sounds funny in a way. Is he watching you play all the love songs you used to make love to, now with the next lover?


I don't use premium so ads wouldn't be good in that department. I use spotify as background noise while I work. 

The guy did a lot of awful things to me before and after the break up and I just want to have him completely removed from my life. Please don't laugh at the situation, it really is painful to feel like he's trying to invade on my life still. 

Ok sorry! Will you marry me?

It's really not funny. Spotify needs to offer a way to keep an abusive ex
(or stranger) from following us.
I would be happy to share with just my friends, but Spotify still doesn't
allow this.


@Spotify - YES please make this part of your privacy settings! I also have a stalker ex whom I've blocked on all other social platforms, yet still follows my Spotify. This is outrageous that you can't block people! 


yep....she probably took your phone and unfollowed herself..... just saying...

Yeah.... from 500 miles away.

In absolute agreement. SPOTIFY - please for the love of god add a block feature! There are thousands of posts over the years requesting this, in addition to petitions....why are you not listening? Please action out of respect for your user's privacy. 


Has Spotify made ANY efforts to remediate this common issue?? I am completely stunned at the lack of attention to this matter. A basic feature such as Blocking needs to be made available. This is years overdue and a total embarrassment on Spotify's behalf. 




this person has been overly obsessed with me for a year and everytime i see someone they know it creeps me out even more because they tell me that my stalker never stops talking about me and has gone to the lengths of trying to look like me by cutting and dying their hair and buying the same prominent clothing and acsessories as me....


i need to block them and i cant.... and this really needs to stop


Well I solved it by turning off the Spotify feed, now I can't see my contacts and they can't see the music I listen to, unfortunately that's the only way to get some privacy in this service


@ferhoyos wrote:

Well I solved it by turning off the Spotify feed, now I can't see my contacts and they can't see the music I listen to, unfortunately that's the only way to get some privacy in this service

 Are you sure turning off the spotify feed disables them from seeing what you're listening to?



February 2018, 4 years on.


I don't want my ex to see what I'm listening to. I want my friends to be able to see. Let me remedy this without having to put my feed on private.


The fact that this isn't a feature four years later is absolutely stunning and hilarious. The complete lack of care on Spotify's end is just sad. I created a collaborative playlist for my girlfriend and me. This playlist means a lot to us and now some random people have found the playlist and started messing with it. At one point adding over four thousand songs to the playlist. Since then, I had to make the playlist non-collaborative, which was the last thing I wanted to do. If I make it collaborative again, even if just for an hour, more random songs are added by these childish people. The simple feature of blocking someone is needed desperately. I can't believe such a large service cares so little for the customer. Please add this feature!!


 I'm waiting for this feature to be available for the same reason most people do, why on earth isn't it added yet? 😒 Spotify could at least make a statement if they are ever planning to add it.


THIS IS A JOKE!!! I don't understand how such a simple feature is still not an option...


The only options at this time are making all our sessions private or creating a new user.

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