Ahhhh....'Accept Invitaion' not working

Ahhhh....'Accept Invitaion' not working


I'm tring to add an account a fourth account but this is simply not working.


I've sent multiple invites to a gmail email address.  Clicking on the link in the email, just generates a blank page at


I've tried clearing the cache, and using a incognito window, no luck.

It seems like a LOT of people have this issue.

Is there any other way to 'accept inviation' or use the invite code?

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Don't you just love help 'services' where you end up talking to yourself 😞  grrr, 

I wonder does shazam give real help?


So I logged in to the invittees gmail account on another PC/browser and was able to accept the invitation. But this user is not a 'Family member' the have a 'free account'.


God spotify needs to sort out its usability issues, 1+ hour wasted and no resolution.

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