Albums suddenly no longer downloaded


Albums suddenly no longer downloaded

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Hi! Once in a while or, 2 times in the last freaking week I lose ALL my downloaded albums. This seems to happen when i'm leaving home or in the metro. I have seen other people here having the same issue and haven't seen any working solutions so far.


So my questions are: why can't this be fixed and why can't spotify add a download all albums. Downloading every album one by one is gonna drive me insane, i'm really close to switching to a new platform tbh, which is a shame. 


Thank you. Hope I don't sound too bitter but this happened yesterday agaaain.

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Re: Albums suddenly no longer downloaded

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Rock Star 14

Hi there!

I’d recommend checking out the “Downloads unexpectedly removed” section of the “Listen offline troubleshooting” support article for some more help with this.

If the article doesn't help I recommend keeping your app updated with a clean reinstall and avoiding any cache-clearing apps.

Hope this helps!

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