All 3500+ starred songs gone =(


All 3500+ starred songs gone =(


Spotify was acting a little odd today on my Mac, it wasn't playing songs and it was just being overall very slow. I figured it was my internet connection because the spotify app on my phone was working relatively fine as long as I was using a 4g or 3g connection. Well I just logged on to spotify on my Mac like 20 minutes ago and all my starred songs are gone. That's 3,500+ songs gone. I check my phone and they're still there and (Btw the playlists I created are intact even with the songs I selected it's just that they're all unstarred now) but my phone usually takes a bit of time to recognize any changes I made on my mac's spotify. If someone could help I'd greatly appreciate it. Even if I tried right now to start "starring" the songs I like it would probably take me weeks and I'd probably never recover all the songs I just randomly found by circumstance. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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If you fill in the form in the 3rd bullet point of the playlist recovery topic someone will be able to restore those for you. 


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