[All Platforms] Absolutely Horrible Customer Service Techniques

[All Platforms] Absolutely Horrible Customer Service Techniques


So about a month ago, I signed up for a FREE TRIAL of Spotify premium. This month, I'm hit with a $10 bill which I was not aware that would be taken out of my account. I have absolutely no recollection of agreeing to such a rediculous price for barely any extra features to listen to music on a software in which I barely use. On top of that, when it came down to wanting to delete this subscription, I had to re-activate my facebook, which I deleted for good personal reasons, just in order to sign into the page in which I was NEVER promted to an actual human being to express my anger with the fact that I will not be reimbursed the $10. 



-Do not sign up for free trials because they are a HOAX. You are being lied to, and they will hack into your account and withdraw unauthorized payments.

-Do not expect to ever actually talk to a person if you're having issues with anything, because you won't get a person.You'll get a list of articles which barely answer your questions. This customer service quality of Spotify is easily compared to the disappointment that is left with you after contacting Comcast.

-Do not sign up for Spotify premium, unless you've got $120/year to somehow spare in this **bleep** economy. 

-Do not sign up for Spotify with your facebook, because if you ever want to not be on facebook anymore (because facebook is also evil), you will not be able to access your account any longer.



Angry customer.

Ex-Spotify user.

Pandora lover since forever.



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Dear Angry customer, Ex-Spotify user and Pandora lover.

When you applied for the free trial, you accepted the Terms and Conditions of this offer. I made some screenshots:
(left click for full size)


Another boom. Possible Terrorist attack?


As you can see, the part about Spotify charging you after the free trial ends is very pretty visible.

If you have any other questions, just reply. Have a great day!


Oh and why do we pay for Spotify? Because we like the artists and we want to support them.

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