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[All Platforms][Playlists] Playlists keep restarting from begin

[All Platforms][Playlists] Playlists keep restarting from begin

If you play the playlist where all your liked songs are, from a-z and you play a song with a title that starts with the letter g. Mention that your playlist is sorted on “title”. It will play a few songs where the title starts with a g from a-z. Ive noticed that after a few songs 2 things can occur:


1. Jumps back to the beginning of your playlist and starts playing a-z from there.

2. It starts playing the order of “recently added” beginning with the most recent song.


It doenst matter how many times i change back to the song i was listening. After a few songs one of the 2 situations will occur. I cant find any option to solve this. On my phone and pc ive sorted all my playlist to “title”. Hoping this would help, but its not. Also i reinstalled spotify, download songs again and logged out on every device. Without any positive results.


So spotify your support team really bad! Telling us its fixed while its not! You just dont care about your customers and only think about money. Im going back to youtube converter. Its better, never miss a song that spotify doesnt have.

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I’m having the same issue on my iOS device. I wanted to listen to all my liked songs straight through but it keeps restarting after a few songs. It’s very frustrating! I’ve tried restarting the app, didn’t work. Restarting my phone, didn’t work. Reinstalling the app, seemed to work for a few days. Now it’s back. 

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