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[All Platforms][Social] Uppercase in usernames.

[All Platforms][Social] Uppercase in usernames.

TL;DR - When will spotify accept uppercase letters in usernames?

Big first world problem here. Im one of the few who created an account without Facebook so I was able to create my own username. When creating it I used upper and lowercase letters so that my username looks like my name because my actual name was already taken. I use a zero so it looks like an uppercase "o" and a lowercase "L" so it looks like an uppercase "i". When creating the account it looks like it would show like that but now it just shows everything lowercase and it's really annoying the **bleep** out of me. Are you guys thinking of an update so that your username shows how you created it originally with upper and lowercase letters?

For example, here in the community it looks good. joeri with a zero is shown as J0ERI, all uppercase, in stead of j0eri.

Man I have a headache now...


Thanks in advance.

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