All music removed itself or account compromised?


All music removed itself or account compromised?







Samsung Galaxy s7 and PC

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Android and windows 10


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 I was listening to spotify on my PC when the device started to switch itself over automatically to my phone and back so i went to restart the program but decided not to open it for a while until about 30 minutes later. When I opened the program on my computer again it prompted me to login which normally it should remember my information but I had to reset my password. When I got back on my account all of my music was gone and some random songs from artists ive never heard of before were on there.


Does spotify not even notify you when your account is accessed on another device or am I going to be told that this is some bug? I just want to get my music back without having to try and re-add every song.

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Re: All music removed itself or account compromised?

Music Fan

If you're seeing changes made to your account that you did not make it's always a good idea to change your password immediately and contact Spotify support. If you have any deleted playlists you can go to, then your account and click on the recover playlists button.