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All my playlists are gone

All my playlists are gone

I just logged into my account and all my playlists were gone. And in their place was some weird random playlist I have never seen before and nothing else. 


Hence I logged out and in again but nothing changed. 


Then went onto the website and tried to restore most of the playlists, but only about half showed up in the restore deleted playlists column and despite constant refreshing, the other ones are still missing and i am at a loss how to get them back. 


Any clues?

1 Reply

 Ive had the same problem were ive lost my playlist and i think ive been hacked sometimes when im reading to listen to my music there are different iphone users listening on my account and now all my music is gone over 2500 songs how can i change my password restart a new account or is there even a way to get my playlists back

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