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All my stuff gone after upgrade to premium

All my stuff gone after upgrade to premium

Over the weekend I upgraded to premium. I logged out and logged back in and now my username is all numbers when it was not before. My friends are gone, all my artists that I am (was) following, and all my recent activity. I'm using the same account info email address as always. My account is NOT through facebook as I don't have a facebook page. What is the reason for all this?

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Hi @jsmoody!


It seems that you might be logging into a different Spotify account. We'd recommend checking this guide on how to find your Premium account.


Any other questions, just let us know. 

I only have one account. I'm logging in with the same email address I've always used. 

So I let you know and there's no more reply. Your solution was not the case at all. What other suggestions do you have? I'm seriously thinking about just going back to Pandora.

Still no fix? I've discovered I can find my old username in a spotify profile search. Why did it create me a new profile when I upgraded to premium?

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