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All playlists offline right before boarding plane. DNS and 3 devices error.

All playlists offline right before boarding plane. DNS and 3 devices error.

Hi guys,


I was traveling yesterday. By plane.


I was standing on the stairs before the boarding pass check, ready to go onto the tarmac and go into the plane. I got out my headphones because I really wanted to listen to some music and didn't want to hear a plane full of talking people later. I turned on my iPhone 4S and selected Spotify.


There's a DNS error. Please connect to a network. Note that I just wanted to listen to music offline (the reason why I got Premium).


I had to sign in again. I knew what time it was. I turned on my 3G and signed in.


ERROR MESSAGE 2 (after signing in)

You are using Spotify on more than three devices.


All offline playlists gone (happened I lost count how many times on my holiday).

No music on the plane was unthinkable, so I had to sync music over 3G (who's paying for that Spotify?). I could only sync a grand total of 8 songs, for a 3 hour flight. Awesome.


So Spotify completely failed me. And I mean completely. It's hard to explain how bad I want them to just fix tis issue. 


SPOTIFY. YOUR SERVICE FAILED ME MINUTES BEFORE BOARDING A PLANE. This is the worst case scenario. Today, for the first time, I didn't bring my expensive headphones to work. Why would I? Spotify Premium doesn't work and I can't listen to just 8 songs.. And I might get the message again. Because of this issue, I have re-synced my playlists at least 10 times in the last weeks. It's ridiculous.


Please let me/us know what the status of this issue is. As a customer I'd like to say: just as you have no issue with us paying a monthly fee, we should be able to expect a quick response and clarity. We are paying for a service that isn't working properly. I want to be a paying Spotify customer and I do not wish to download any music (paid or otherwise), I simply do not want to own music files on my device since it's too much hassle for me. I want Spotify, but I want it to work. 

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No responses from any moderators since March 13th. It's April 12th now.

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