Almost all of the Artists I've followed have disappeared


Almost all of the Artists I've followed have disappeared


Good Morning everyone, I have a bit of a issue that is irking me.


Story time: I have my account set up to autopay via a debit card. Recently, the credit union that I belong to saw fit to replace that debit card, changing the number on the card. Obviously, when payment time came around, it didn't go through and my subscription cancelled. This happened at 5:09 AM EST on March 5th.


Due to being busy this weekend, I was unable to correct the payment option until this morning at 6:24 AM EST. Everything went through naturally, but on my morning drive into work I noticed something... strange.


To my surprise, it would appear that every one of the playlists I created were deleted. Not only that, but all but 7 of the 255 artists that I had followed were unfollowed. And finally (heres the kicker), apparently in that short lapse of unuse, my account had listened to and saved several songs from artists I've never even listened to before.


Long story short: I lost a ton of **bleep** on my account and I'm wondering if there is a way to roll it back by 48 hours (to be safe). I'm aware I can recover lost playlists, but I don't see anything that will let me recover lost follows.


Thank you for your time,


Mildly Irked


EDIT: Disregard this I guess, I spent the last couple hours fixing this. But the issue still happened, so whatever.

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Re: Almost all of the Artists I've followed have disappeared

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Hey @zombifiedtoast, welcome to the Community!


Seems like you might be logging into a different account. We'd recommend logging out and back in to see if the playlists are there. You can also check the steps on how to recover deleted playlists here:, in case you're sure you've logged into the correct account.


Let us know how it goes!